Farm mapping & agronomic services, Cobden

Cobden’s Webber & Chivell Fertilisers has more than three decades’ experience in the agronomic services industry, placing us at the forefront of the latest news, technology and innovations in fertiliser services.

Farm and pasture agronomists

Our team of agronomic consultants are in touch with dairy farming – we know what keeps the industry growing and what slows it down. Taking part in local farmer discussions and community groups keeps us up-to-date with the ever-changing challenges facing our clients.

With a sales and agronomy team on the ground, we visit your farm to provide timely advice about fertiliser supplies and how to get the best return for your business.

Soil testing

The first step in creating fertile and efficient farming land is identifying soil properties. Our fertiliser services team is Fertcare-accredited, completing an independent third-party audit confirming we follow soil and plant sampling practices. Our laboratory analytical methods are recognised as proficient based on the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC) standards.

We use the latest available science in Australia to interpret the results of soil testing and create a unique nutrient budget plan, including development of blended fertilisers, tailored to your needs. Our fertiliser suppliers specialise in a huge range of other soil enhancers, from gypsum to gibberellic acid.

Farm mapping

Before you commence fertiliser spreading and other soil treatments, it’s important to know the layout of your land. Our farm mapping services help you manage your farm and cropping more efficiently and ensure contractors deliver products and services to the appropriate areas.

Nutrient tracking and budgeting

Once we have an accurate soil composition and farm map, we will create a tailored nutrient budget program, covering:

  • supply of granular, liquid and specially formulated fertiliser blends to achieve required yields and improve overall pasture and crop health
  • zoning of farm to achieve best nutrient usage and saving on fertiliser costs.

We have fertiliser depots in Cobden, Allansford and Simpson, making it easier for us to service dairy farmers from Warrnambool to Birregurra and along the coast of south-west Victoria.