Fertiliser sales & suppliers, Cobden

Fertiliser sales for dairy farmers, sheep and beef pastures and cropping

If you’re looking for top-quality fertiliser suppliers in Cobden, the team at Webber & Chivell Fertilisers has more than 35 years’ experience in the industry. We know what separates high-quality fertilisers from the rest of the field and our Fertcare-accredited advisors have extensive local knowledge.

As locals who have grown up around farms and played an important role in the local community, our fertiliser suppliers remain in touch with seasonal challenges and other issues facing the dairy farming community.

With a sales team of professional agronomists on the ground, we provide advice on:

  • the right fertiliser products for your specific needs, ranging from liquid and granular fertilisers through to specially blended fertilisers
  • soil treatments including gypsum and agricultural lime
  • using gibberellic acid
  • Notman Pasture Seeds
  • fertiliser spreading
  • building a nutrient budget to maximise fertiliser effectiveness and achieve optimum nutrient usage.

As part of our unique fertiliser sales service, clients also receive SMS alerts in accordance with seasonal changes to maximise production

Webber & Chivell Fertilisers is a member of the Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA). Our main fertiliser supplies depot is in Cobden and we have smaller depots in Allansford and Simpson, placing us in an excellent position to service from Warrnambool through to Birregurra and from Lismore down to the coast.

You can also contact our fertiliser suppliers for cricket bait and hay sales information.