Cobden agricultural lime suppliers

If poor soil health is causing issues with pasture productivity for your farm, call us today. With more than 35 years’ experience in the local dairy farming industries, we understand different soil types and requirements – from the Otway Ranges to the Volcanic Plains, the Stony Rises and the Coastal Plains.

While soils across Victoria’s dairy farming industry are known for fertility, high levels of acidity are often present. Agricultural lime is a key element in correcting nutrient imbalances and health defects of acidic soil.

Acidic soils stunt root growth, preventing plants from absorbing the required nutrients for healthy development. Acidic soil also restricts the benefits of fertilisers, so it’s important to address your soil health before applying fertiliser.

Agricultural lime supplies calcium to combat soil acidity and reduce metal toxicities, increasing nutrient availability and stimulating plant growth.

Our fertiliser spreaders can also save you time and labour costs, ensuring an efficient, even application of lime and gypsum across your farmland.