Fertiliser spreading, Cobden

Webber & Chivell Fertilisers offers professional, experienced and effective fertiliser spreading services. Our expert team has farming experience in the local area, meaning we share a unique understanding of the land and its requirements.

Our professional fertiliser spreading operators are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and guidance technology to help dairy farmers reduce labour costs and save time.

All our machines and drivers are accredited under the Fertcare Accu-Spread program, ensuring maximum accuracy and an even application of a wide range of fertilisers. The Accu-Spread program enables our drivers to understand, maintain and adjust their machinery according to the spread width and pattern – ensuring efficient fertiliser spreading and maximising pasture health.

In line with Accu-Spread testing, our machinery is calibrated to a wide spreading distance to reduce ground compaction from wheel marks. Webber & Chivell Fertilisers also offers bulk fertiliser delivery, without the need for several trips back and forth.

Based in Cobden and with depots in Simpson and Allansford, we provide a variety of fertiliser spreading services across south-western Victoria. Talk to us about your needs, including specialised blended fertilisers and the best time of year for fertiliser spreading.

Granular fertiliser spreading

Different fertilisers have different flow characteristics and require specially calibrated spreaders. Our granular fertiliser spreading machinery ensures constant speed of application and an even coverage.

Bulk spreading

Our machinery is equipped to deliver bulk fertiliser supplies from our three depots, servicing from Birregurra through to Lismore and Warrnambool and along the coast. Products include granulated, liquid and blended fertilisers, plus lime and gypsum.

Lime and gypsum spreading

Our fertiliser spreading contractors also supply and spread soil conditioners, including agricultural lime and gypsum.

Crop and pasture sowing

If you’re looking to renew your pasture, talk to us about crop and pasture sowing combining broadcasting and fertilisers.

Lightweight linkage fertiliser spreading

We have a range of lightweight linkage spreaders to fertilise dairy farms, pastures and smaller cropping areas. Modern machinery combined with computer-assisted nutrient tracking delivers the optimum spread for your particular needs.

Aerial spreading

Where there are difficult, hard-to-reach areas on your farm, aerial fertiliser spreading ensures equal and efficient distribution of fertilisers. Constant, high-speed capability makes this a cost-effective choice, especially for uneven terrains or wet weather conditions.