About Webber & Chivell Fertilisers

Cobden’s fertiliser business

Webber and Chivell Fertilisers was founded in 1977 by Richard Webber and Bill and Helen Chivell. In the early years we specialised in red gravel and fertiliser services around Cobden and Simpson, until eventually our concentration shifted entirely to fertilisers and agronomic services.

At first, fertiliser was carted directly from the wharfs to the farm, either in bulk, bins or bags – until 1980, when we built a fertiliser storage and distribution shed at the current site in Cobden. Transporting fertiliser had been one of the bigger bottlenecks, with slow outputs and long lines of trucks queuing at the wharfs. This shed was a key step in managing high and low demand periods.

In 1986 we bought our first fertiliser spreading machinery – a Mercedes Benz fast-track prototype with a five-tonne spreader sitting on the extended chassis rail – the first of its time. We bought several of these Mercedes models, slowly building our fleet over the next few years. Although these machines are now long gone, their basic design became commonplace in Australia’s fertiliser industry and our current fleet remains a modern-day version of the original models.

Over the next 30 years and with the same two families involved, Webber & Chivell Fertilisers has continually evolved into highly professional fertiliser suppliers, helping farmers across the region get the best pasture production possible at the least cost.

With the original Cobden depot supported by depots in Allansford and Simpson, we supply and deliver a wide range of fertilisers and farm mapping services across south-western Victoria.

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